Welcome to Plan for a Healthier Life!  The LIFESTYLE component of the suite of blogs focusing on planning and healthier living.  Take a look around, check out my insights and have a look into my lifestyle as a working mom on a weight loss journey trying to get healthier and organize my life.  We’ll talk about meal planning, organization, weight loss, getting more active and much more!  I’m glad to have you here!   – Mimi

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Latest Posts

Planning & Organization: New Series with Printables

Organization is something I always strive to work on that has not been one of my strengths. I am a creative person and while I love for things to be organized (and tend to want things to be perfect), I tend to be a little scattered. My intentions are always …

Weight Loss: Dieting vs Nutrition

When I started my weight loss journey, I made the decision to work on my nutrition and trying to eat healthier rather following a formal diet plan or restricting my calories to a specified level.  On diets I tried in the past that restricted what you could have they always …

Weight Loss: Getting Started

Getting started or getting back on track with dieting or weight loss is a struggle.  If you saw my weight loss story, you know this is something I worked on last year and will continue to work on. I have made lifestyle changes (bit by bit) that made it easier …